Science in the Amusement Park

    1 x 2
1 You love feeling heavy at the bottom of a roller coaster valley. Which seat in the train lets you experience maximum g-force?
1) The front row
x) Close to the middle
2) It doesn't matter, since all parts of the roller coaster train move with the same speed at any given time
2 For the WAVESWINGER ride, you have been allowed to take along a soft mug with half an inch of water. You hold the mug parallel to the seat throughout the ride. What happens to the water level as the ride starts and the swings start to hang out?
1) The water level remains horizontal
x) The water level remains parallel to the seat
2) The water level will move away from the center, more than the seat
3 You watch the WAVESWINGER start, and note that a few of the swings are empty. The empty swings will make an angle
1) ... that is smaller than the angle for the loaded swings
x)... that is larger than the angle for the loaded swings
2)... that is the same as the angle for the loaded swings
4 In the classical TEACUP ride, the floor moves clockwise, whereas the "trays" with the cups on move counterclockwise, with a somewhatlarger angular velocity. . Which of the figures resembles most the motion of a rider?      
5 Find a coaster with a loop. Note how the radius of curvature increases as you get closer to the ground. (Why?) Let R denote the radius of curvature at the top. The experience of the body as you ride through the loop depends, of course, on the speed. In order to experience weightlessness at the top, the coaster train must start
1) somewhat higher than the top of the loop
x) slightly more than R/2 over the highest point of the loop
2) about 2R above the highest point of the loop
6 As you exit a water ride, such as the Log Flume ride at Alton Towers, you step onto a slowly rotating platform, but may have the impression that the platform is stationary, whereas the ground rotates. If you couldn't see the world outside, is there any way you could distinguish if the platform is stationary or rotates?
1) No, it is impossible
x) Yes, if you bring a little spring scale along
2) Yes, by letting a toy on a string swing as a pendulum