Dynamics Days Europe, Schedule for Friday Sept. 7 , 2012
08:30-9:00 Conference center open / coffee
09:00-09:45 Plenary talk:
  WG IP13 Axel Brandenburg: Collective effects in large-scale hydromagnetic pattern formation ( A. Johansen - session chair)
09:45-10:00 ``Outlook'' in Wallenberg
10:00-10:15 Coffee
10:15-12:15 Minisymposia
  WG MS20 Turbulence and planet formation - A. Johansen organizer
  LK MS21 Localized multi-dimensional states - R. Richter & D.J.B. Lloyd organizer
  LS MS22 Nonlinear cooperative phenomena inside the cell - M. Stich & S. Alonso organizer
12:30 Conference center and helpdesk is closed
The restaurant upstairs reopens to the public for lunch but is not part of the conference arrangements.
IP= Plenary; MS = MiniSymposia; CT = Contributed Talk
WG=WallenberG   LS=LjuSvågen   LD=LjuDvågen   RV=RadioVågen   LK=LyKtan