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Before leaving home: 

1) Change a little money. ATMs take foreign cards but shops/taxis do not.
2) Save the info on these pages, incl. the translation sheet below.

Arrival by air

Tianjin Airport services mainly the Far East and domestic China, but has some connection from Europe. It is connected to the city center with a modern subway. Tickets can be bought at machines. To the city center the price is presently 5 yuan.
Taxis are available for around 100 yuan to the city center. Ask to use the meter and add one yuan to the fare for fuel surcharge.

Beijing National Airport connects globally, and most will arrive to that airport. There is a direct bus (穿梭巴士) to Tianjin (天津). Tickets are around 100 yuan, payable only in cash. Buy them at Terminal 2 outside Gate 11 (first level)
and at Terminal 3 inside Gate 1 (first level). Trip duration is 2.5 to 3 hours, depending on the time of the day.
You will arrive adjacent to the Tianjin West train station (
天津西站, note that the terminal recently moved there), and
exit from this gate:

With your back to this exit gate, turn left. The taxi (
出租车) central is underground with the entrance in this building:

If you need pickup and guidance to the hotel, please let us know as soon as you have your ticket (airport, flight, day of arrival). We have a limited staff, so waiting times may occur.

Arrival by train

Long distance trains are fast (300 or 350 km/hour) and the coverage on the east coast is very good. You will arrive at one of the three Tianjin stations. They all have official taxi lines.

By car

Not recommended for the inexperienced.

Local transport

Busses in Tianjin are cheap (1.5 yuan), and equipped with AC and WiFi.

start at 8 yuan, which cover the first 3 km. Demand the meter be put on, if it does not happen spontaneously.
Add one yuan to the meter reading for fuel tax. Tips are not required nor expected.
This is how taxis look like:

Do not use unauthorized taxis (unless you donít mind paying way too much).

Note that cars turn right on red.

Long distance travel requires that you bring your passport. Tickets are personal and purchase also requires showing the passport, but you donít need to be at the counter in person.


A translation sheet with some useful words in pdf format is found here.
English is generally not spoken. A useful word may be Ďbuí, which means no.

In case of panic: My number is +86 130 1136 5825