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Scientific program:


                                                                 Monday 26                                                                                
09.00-10.00       Registration
10.00-10.30       Opening
Chair: H.T. Schmidt
10.30-11:30      A. Wolf: Molecular studies in the Heidelberg CSR
11:30-12:00      T. Azuma: The RIKEN cryogenic storage ring RICE
12.00-13.30       Lunch
                           Chair: P. Lievens
13.30-14:00      M. KristianssonPhotodetachment studies of CH-
14:00-14:30      B. von Issendorff: Structure and dynamics of metal clusters in gas phase
14:30-15:00      Tea break
                           Chair: Z. Luo
15:00-15:30      J. Matsumoto: Symmetric charge transfer cross section measurements of
                                                                              Ar+ and Ar2+ by using a table-top ion storage ring
15:30-16:00      Hot topic; KC Chartkunchand: Towards Investigations of Pre-Cooled Ions
                                                    Stored in the RICE Storage Ring Via Action Spectroscopy

                                                                              Tuesday 27                                                                           
                          Chair: T. Azuma
09.00-10:00      L. Jiang:
 Infrared Spectroscopy of Neutral Clusters Based on the Tunable
                                                    Vacuum Ultraviolet Free Electron Laser
10:00-10:30      Z. Luo:  Metal Cluster Reactivity
10:30-11:00      Tea break
                          Chair: A. Wolf
11:00-11:30      P. Ferrari: High rate radiative cooling of clusters
11:30-12:00      A. Al Mogeeth: Photodissociation spectroscopy of small PAHs dimer cations
12:00-13:30      Lunch
                          Chair: N. Kono
13.30-14:00      P. Lievens: The Leuven storage ring
14:00-14:30      Hot topic: S.Kuma: Superconducting transition-edge sensor for mass
                                                    spectrometry of neutral Molecules
14:30-15:00      S.-W. Gao: Plasmon induced hot carrier generation and separation at interfaces
15:00-15:30      Z.-X. Hu: DFT simulations for surface characterization techniques
15.30-16:30      Poster session
18.00-20.00       Board meeting

                                                                         Wednesday 28                                                                            
                           Chair: M.H.M Almalki
09.00-10.00       Linfan Zhu: Recent dielectronic recombination experiments at heavy ion the
                                                    cooler storage ring in Lanzhou

10:00-10:30      N. Kono: Carbon cluster decay dynamics
10:30-11:00      Tea Break, and conference photo
                          Chair: E. Gruber
11:00-11:30      L. Schweikhard: Fission of doubly charged lead clusters
11:30-12:00      Hot topic; N. Kimura: Toward rovibrational spectroscopy of hetero nuclear
                                                    diatomic molecular ions for fundamental sciences
12:00-13.30      Lunch
                          Chair: O. Heber  
13:30-14:00      S. B. Nielsen: Fluorescence studies in the LUNA trap
14:00-14:45      H.T. Schmidt: Recent DESIREE results: From dimer anion decays to
                                                    mutual neutralization
14:45-15:15      Tea break

                          Chair: M. Kristiansson
15:15-15:45      S. M. C. Sels: MIRACLS- the Multi Ion Reflection Apparatus for Collinear
                                                    Laser Spectroscopy of short-lived radionuclides
15:45-16:15      Xinzheng Li: On the quantum nature of the nuclei in solids, in liquids, and
                                                    on surfaces
16:15-16:45      Hot topic; MingChao Ji: emonstrative experiment on the mutual neutralization
                                                    and double charge transfer of H++D-

                                                                           Thursday 29                                                                            
                           Chair: T. Stace
09.00-10_00      O. Heber:  Recent studies and developments with the Weizmann Institute’s EIBT
10:00-10:30      S. Iida: High resolution spectroscopy of Si2- stored in the TMU E-ring
10:30-11:00      Tea break
                           Chair: S.B. Nielsen
11:00-11:30      E. Gruber: Femtosecond pump-probe experiments at SAPHIRA
11:30-12:00      Hot topic; M. H. Stockett: Two-dimensional action spectroscopy as a probe
                                                    of radiative cooling
12.00-13.30       Lunch
                           Chair: Y. Toker
13.30-14:00       X. Kong: Large fullerene clusters in a Penning trap
14:00-14:30      Tea break and departure for excursion
14.30-18.00       Excursion
18.00-21.00       Conference dinner

                                                                             Friday 30                                                                                
                          Chair: X. Kong
09:00-09:30      T. Stace: Gas phase studies of multiple charged atomic and molecular clusters
09.30-10:00      Y. Toker: Can magic numbers test chirality?
10:00-10:30      R. Thomas: Charge-transfer reactions in interhalogen systems
10:30-11:00      Tea break
11:00-11:30      Presentation of next ESD + closing of conference
11.30                Departure