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electrostatic storage devices 8

Tianjin, China, August 26-30, 2019

Storage rings and ion traps have developed as an increasingly important tool in the study of ionic molecules and clusters, covering fields from atomic and molecular processes in the atmosphere and interstellar space, plasma science, and spectroscopy and dynamics of complex biomolecular and cluster ions.

The 8th ESD Conference is dedicated to the study of and with electrostatic storage devices. Both new instrumental developments in this growing field and the ongoing study of physics and chemistry of molecular beams will be covered. A small part will be devoted to the neighboring fields of traps.

The conference will highlight recent developments in the field and bring together researchers with interests both in instrumental developments and in the research with these devices


Confirmed speakers

A. Wolf; Max Planck Institute, Heidelberg       Molecular studies in the Heidelberg CSR

T. Azuma; RIKEN                                             The RIKEN cryogenic storage ring RICE

E. Gruber; Aarhus University                            Femtosecond pump-probe experiments at SAPHIRA

S. B. Nielsen; Aarhus University                       Fluorescence studies in the LUNA trap

L. Schweikhard; Greifswald                               Fission of doubly charged lead clusters

X. Kong; NanKai University                              Large fullerene clusters in a Penning trap

H.T. Schmidt; Stockholm University                 Recent DESIREE results: From dimer anion decays to mutual neutralization

O. Heber; Weizmann Institute                            Recent studies and developments with the

                                                                                    Weizmann Institute’s EIBTs

P. Lievens; KU Leuven                                      The Leuven storage ring

S. Iida; Tokyo Metropolitan University             High resolution spectroscopy of Si2- stored in the TMU E-ring

S. George; Max Planck Institute, Heidelberg    Anionic cluster systems in the Cryogenic Storage Ring CSR

H. Zettergren; Stockholm University                 Studies of spontaneous decay of carbon-bearing molecules in DESIREE

J. Matsumoto; Tokyo Metropolitan University  Symmetric charge transfer cross section measurements of Ar+ and Ar2+

                                                                                   by using a table-top ion storage ring
M. Kristiansson; Stockholm University             Photodetachment studies of CH-

P. Ferrari; KU Leuven                                         High rate radiative cooling of clusters

Z. Luo, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing Metal Cluster Reactivity

Abdulaziz Al Mogeeth, Lyon                             Photodissociation spectroscopy of small PAHs dimer cations

S. Sels, CERN                                                    MIRACLS- the Multi Ion Reflection Apparatus for

                                                                                     Collinear Laser Spectroscopy of short-lived radionuclides
N. Kono, Stockholm University
          & Tokyo Metropolitan University            Carbon cluster decay dynamics
Y. Toker, Bar Ilan University                              Can magic numbers test chirality?
Linfan Zhu,
University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei
                                                                            Recent dielectronic recombination experiments at heavy ion
                                                                                                the cooler storage ring in Lanzhou
L. Jiang, Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

                                                                            Infrared Spectroscopy of Neutral Clusters Based on
                                                                                              the Tunable Vacuum Ultraviolet Free Electron Laser
Xinzheng Li, Peking University,
China             On the quantum nature of the nuclei in solids, in liquids, and on surfaces
S.-W. Gao, Beijing Computational Science Research Center
                                                                            Plasmon induced hot carrier generation and separation at interfaces
Z.-X. Hu, Center for Joint Quantum Studies, Tianjin University
                                                                            DFT simulations for surface characterization techniques

X. Chen, Beijing Normal University                  The photoluminescence mechanism of ultra-small

                                                                                                gold clusters



Important information: Most foreign participants will need a visa. A visa requires an invitation. Please return the information in this form to klavshansen@tju.edu.cn to receive the invitation

Conference organizer
Klavs Hansen, Tianjin University
Contact: klavshansen@tju.edu.cn

International Committee
Henning Schmidt, Stockholm University, Sweden
Serge Martin, Université Lyon1, France
Yoni Toker, Bar-Ilan University, Israel
Henrik B. Pedersen, Aarhus University, Denmark
Michael Fogle, Auburn University, USA
Robert Continetti, University of California, USA
Andreas Wolf, MPIK, Heidelberg, Germany
Toshiyuki Azuma, RIKEN, Tokyo, Japan
Christine Joblin, IRAP Toulouse, France
Klavs Hansen, Tianjin University, P.R. China