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Center for Joint Quantum Studies

School of Science

Tianjin University


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+86 130 1136 5825

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Professor Klavs Hansen

School of Science

Beiyangyuan Campus

Tianjin University

Jinnan District

Tianjin 300354

P.R. China


I am also

Senior Visiting Professor

at KU Leuven



Coming events

Erice workshop 2020
at the Ettore Majorana Center:
 Dynamics of Electrons in Atomic and Molecular Nanoclusters 

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                                    Welcome to the home page of
                                     Klavs Hansen

                     I work with statistical processes in clusters and large molecules.
                             Tools: Ion storage rings, mass spectrometers, lasers
                          Subjects: Energies, thermodynamics, radiative cooling


Recent publications

Iodization Threshold in Size-Dependent Reactions of Lead Clusters Pbn+ with Iodomethane
Mengzhou Yang, Haiming Wu, Benben Huang, Zhixun Luo, and Klavs Hansen
J. Phys. Chem. A
124 (2020) 2505-2512

Thermal damping of odd-even effects in gold clusters
K. Hansen
Chem. Phys.
530 (2020) 110637(1-6)

Description of unimolecular reaction rates of Lennard-Jones clusters
K. Hansen:
J. Phys. B 52(23) (2019) 235101

Radiative cooling of size-selected gas phase clusters
Piero Ferrari, Ewald Janssens, Peter Lievens, Klavs Hansen:
Int. Rev. Phys. Chem.
38 (2019) 405-440
(open access for a limited number of downloads)

Vibrational Autodetachment from Anionic Nitroalkane Chains – From Molecular Signatures to Thermionic Emission
Christopher L. Adams, Klavs Hansen, and J. Mathias Weber
J. Phys. Chem. A 
123 (2019) 8562-8570

Photon generated hot electron phase of clusters and molecules
V. Zhaunerchyk, and K. Hansen
Proceedings of National Photonics Symposium,
Published by the Directorate of Public Relations and Publications for International School of Photonics,
Cochin University of Science and Technology
ISBN 978-81-936217-8-3 (2019) 58

More whiffs of the aromatic universe
K. Hansen, and P. Ferrari
Physics Today
72, 9 (2019) 12
doi: 10.1063/PT.3.4283

Influence of thermal radiation on hot cluster decay rates and abundances
K. Hansen and P. Ferrari
Chinese Journal of Chemical Physics
32 (2019) 167-174

Selective C-C and C-N Bond Activation in Dopamine and Norepinephrine under Deep Ultraviolet Laser Irradiation
Haiming Wu, Mengdi Guo, Mengzhou Yang, Zhixun Luo and Klavs Hansen
Chem. Comm. 55 (2019) 4015-4018

Magic numbers and stabilities of heavy water clusters, (D2O)ND+, N=3-48
K. Hansen, M. Ryding, E. Uggerud
Int. J. Mass Spectrom.
440 (2019) 14-19

Non-scrambling of hydrogen in NH4+(H2O)3 clusters
K. Hansen, A. E. K. Sundén, K. Støchkel, S. Brøndsted Nielsen, B. Dynefors
RSC Advances 9 (2019) 6620-6626

The classical capture cross section of an electron and neutral and anionic polarizable molecules with permanent dipole moments
K. Hansen
Int. J. Mass Spectrom. 438 (2019) 142-147

Radiative cooling of cationic carbon clusters, CN+, N=8,10,13-16
F.-Q. Chen, N. Kono, R. Suzuki, T. Furukawa, H. Tanuma, P. Ferrari, T. Azuma, H. Shiromaru, V. Zhaunerchyk, K. Hansen
Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys.  
21 (2019) 1587-1596

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