PhD theses

See below for a list of PhD topics.

Ville Uski
Rare events and other deviations from universality in disordered conductors (PhD 2001)

Mark Santer
Optical properties of finite electronic quantum systems (PhD 2003)

Johan Stäring
Self-consistent charge tight-binding approximation for covalently bound nano systems (Licenciate exam 2006)

Kristian Gustavsson
Inertial collisions (PhD 2011)

Marina Rafajlovic
Genetic variation in natural populations: a modeller's perspective (PhD 2014)

Jonas Einarsson
Angular dynamics of  small particles in fluids (PhD 14/12/2015)

Erik Werner
Equilibrium Statistics of Channel-confined DNA (PhD 16/10/2015)

Johan Fries
Bottlenecks in turbulent aerosols (ongoing)

Jan Meibohm
Bottlenecks in turbulent aerosols (ongoing)