MSc theses

If you are interested in a MSc-thesis project please contact Bernhard Mehlig. You can find a summary of present MSc projects here. A list of past and ongoing MSc-thesis projects is given below.

  1. Boris Bergues (diploma thesis)
    Quantum-mechanical simulations of two-dimensional electronic systems (2002)
  2. Hui Xie
    Human genetic diversity and the coalescent process (2003)
  3. Paulina Larsson
    Statistics of single-nucleotide polymorphisms in populations with demographic structure (2004)
  4. Jing Tang (supervised jointly with S. Sagitov, Mathematical Sciences, Chalmers)
    Approximating selective sweeps using the Lambda coalescent (2004)
  5. Tom Weber
    Lyapunov exponents for inertial particles in three-dimensional random potential flows (2004)
  6. Mats Ljunggren
    Lyapunov exponents for inertial particle in incompressible random flows (2004)
  7. X. Liu (supervised jointly with S. Sagitov)
    The effect of selective sweeps on linkage disequilibrium in the human genome (2005)
  8. Erik Arvedson
    Classical dynamics in strongly fluctuating, spatially and temporally smooth force fields (2005)
  9. Vincente Nava
    On the statistics of the channel capacity for wireless networks: a random-matrix approach (2006)
  10. Vlad Bezuglyy
    Generalised Ornstein-Uhlenbeck processes (2006)
  11. Björn Andersson
    Advective collisions (2007)
  12. C. A. Poncet
    Fractal dimensions of the distribution of particles suspended in random flows (2007)
  13. Pontus Fernström
    An accurate deterministic model for selective sweeps (2007)
  14. A. Skyman
    Clustering and collisions in stochastic turbulence (2008)
  15. B. Mahjani
    Analysing two simplified coalescent algorithms (2008)
  16. Habib Talavatifard
    Advective collisions in a stochastic multi-scale model for turbulence (2008)
  17. Mehdi Vahab
    Relative velocities of particles suspended in stochastic Kolmogorov turbulence (2008)
  18. Erik Werner
    A model for turbulent collisions (2009)
  19. Elke Schaper
    Linkage disequilibrium in populations of fluctuating size (2010)
  20. Anna Rimark
    Genetic variation in a metapopulation model of L. saxatilis (2010)
  21. Jonas Einarsson
    Particle dynamics at low Reynolds numbers (2011)
  22. Federico Elias Wolff
    Extinction of metapopulations due to demographic stochasticity (2012)
  23. Martin Andrade (Erasmus Mundus M1 Project)
    Simulations of asymmetric segregation of damaged proteins during yeast-cell division
  24. Omid Ghavami
    Metapopulation dynamcis subject to environmental fluctuations  (2012)
  25. Anton Johansson
    Analysis of empirical data on the tumbling of micro-rods in a shear flow (2012)
  26. Veronika Siska (Erasmus Mundus M1 Project)
    Disease dynamics
  27. Fengchong Wang
    Analysis of models for the evolution of genotypes under selection (2013)
  28. Simon Vajedi
    Dynamics of particles in random velocity fields (2013)
  29. Staffan Ankardal
    Tumbling of micro-rods in micro-channel flows (2014)
  30. Dagmara Gotlib
    Dynamics of structured metapopulations (ongoing)
  31. Alexander Laas
    Tumbling of disks and rods in micro-channel shear flows
  32. Anna Emanuelsson
    Ecotype formation in L. saxatilis
  33. Ali Cakir
    Conformations of confined DNA (2014)
  34. Johan Fries
    Patterns of genetic variation in populations with clonal and sexual reproduction (2014)
  35. Fanny Berglund
    Patterns of self-propelling particles in turbulent flows (2014)
  36. Erich Andrag (Erasmus Mundus M1 Project)
    Metapopulation dynamics (2014)
  37. Gino Almondo
    Dynamics of triaxial particles in a shear flow (2015)
  38. Lorenzo Pistone
    Collisions of inertial particles (2015)
  39. Toby St Clere Smythe (Erasmus Mundus M1 project)
    Conformations of RecA-coated DNA in nanochannels
  40. Vitalii Iarko (Erasmus Mundus M1 project)
    Conformations of confined DNA in the extended de Gennes regime
  41. Daniel Ödman (2018)
    A telegraph model for extension fluctuations of nano-confined DNA molecules