Symposion Nanoconfined DNA
Chalmers and Gothenburg University, May 17 (2017)

Co-organiser of NORDITA programme `Dynamics of particles in flows - fundamentals and applications´, Stockholm, Sweden, June 2 - 27 (2014)

Organiser of minisymposium "Stochastic Population Dynamics" at Dynamics Days Europe 2013 in Madrid

Main organiser and chairman of  international conference `Dynamics Days Europe' , Gothenburg, Sweden (2012)

Co-organiser of the conference `Particles in complex flows´, Reykjavik, Iceland (2012)

Member `Göteborg network for theoretical biology´ (2007-2012)

Member research platform `Nanoparticles in interactive environments´ (2006-2010)

`Complex Systems in Biological Physics´, Session at the 5th International Conference on Biological Physics (23.8.-27.8.2004)

Worksession on `Non-Hermitian Random matrices´ (24.9.-28.9.2001)

2nd International Wilhelm and Else Heraeus Summer School (13.8.-24.8.2001)

Minisymposion `Semiclassics´, Dynamics Days Europe 2001 (6.6.2001)

Conference on `Dynamics of Complex Systems´ (11.5.-15.5.1999)

Workshop on `Dynamics of Complex Systems´ (30.3.-15.6.1999)

Workshop on `Fluctuations in Complex Quantum Systems´ (11.9.1998)