Ann-Marie (Mårtensson-)Pendrill

In Helix - the new roller coaster at Liseberg - several of my interests are brought together: Symmetries, physics education, fundamental physics - including the equivalence principle, and, of course, roller coasters!

From Atoms to Individuals

From a background in computational atomic physics, my research focus has shifted during recent years to science education. From 1 July 2009, I am the director of the National Resource Centre for Physics Education. As a professor at the Göteborg university physics department, I have taught many different student groups. For several years I had the privilege of teaching first-year students in engineering physics. I am a member of the editorial board of Physics Education. and was a member (2005-2011) of the ICPE - International Committee on Physics Education I am also involved with the graduate school CUL (The Centre for Educational Sciences and Teacher Research) at Göteborg university (GU) and study physics at the Liseberg amusement park and other amusement parks. Examples of educational science research questions of interest to me:

Publication list (Reasonably complete after 2004)
Atomic physics papers
Brief cv (1997)

Elected APS Fellow, Nov 1997

"for her contributions to the development and use of atomic many-body methods to explore relativistic effects and parity non-conservation in heavy atoms"