Helix - 2014

Helix is be a roller coaster with many exciting elements, as you may guess from the video. The ride starts in a high position, at the foot of the AtmosFear tower. During the first part of the ride, the train uses the initial gravitational energy, before reaching the first launch.

The launch uses electromagnetism: LSM - Linear Synchronous Motors - in contrast to the hydraulic launch of the Kanonen roller coaster. This technology may inspire a new interpretation of Einstein's first paper on relativity "Zur Elektrodynamik Bewegter Körper" - "On the Electrodynamics of moving bodies". A variable magnetic field in the track pushes the magnets on the train. For the launch to work, the change in magnetic field must change faster and faster, as the train accelerates - in a "train accelerator". Of course, also the brakes are magnetic, like the brakes in Kanonen.

The picture shows the accelerometer data during the testing in April 2014. The accelerometer was lying down on the seat to the right in the first row. The numbers in the figure refers to the photo in the blogg. ( Read more.)

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http://physics.gu.se/LISEBERG/helix/index_E.html Ann-Marie.Pendrill@fysik.lu.se, 2012-10-09