Gröna Lund's new roller coaster, Twister, winds in and out through Kvasten, Jetline and Vilda Musen, next to the water, giving strong visual impressions adding to the intensity of the ride. But what is the physics behind the experience of the body?



The Lift Hill

The first drop

The first valley

Next hill

Twister Coordinates

You can study the Twister track in more detail by describing e.g. the first hill in Twister coordinates, that can be converted to normal coordinates by using the distance 1.4m between the vertical beams and 1.8 m between the horizontal beams. (Needs photo)

Measurements at Gröna Lund

On site, use e.g. your mobile phone stopwatch to measure the time required for a train to pass the lowest (or highest) points. Since you know the length of a train, you can work out the speed. How does it compare to the theoretical calculations? What can lead to discrepancies?
, Feb 2011